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Meet Erin + Brian


Erin and Brian Miranda moved from San Diego, CA to Greensboro, NC in 2018.

Shortly after the move, the couple created

an Interior Design and Construction business for homes in the area. A couple of years later, Erin and Brian made the decision to follow their dream and open a Brick & Mortar. Seagrass Shop + Interiors offers unique gifts, home furnishings, and design services. Their aesthetic is a calming vibe with a neutral pallet, raw materials, and assorted textures with a sophisticated feel. The intention is to offer environmentally and socially conscious products that blend with their love of the coasts, mountains and lakes. Seagrass aims to give people a calm, cool, unique vision of design and encompass that in their homes.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Seagrass. Erin is talented, has wonderful taste and goes more than the extra 10 miles for her walk-ins, clients and someone simply seeking that extra for themselves and will introduce you to a
lovely and new way of making your
home fabulous and serene."


Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 10.34.24 AM.png


- Eileen

"This store has a refreshing, natural feel. Everything in it has been carefully selected for craftsmanship and uniqueness. Erin
has been very helpful with gift selections and design ideas. Nothing else like it
in Greensboro."

- Ken 

"I have had great experience working with Erin for interior design consulting as well as purchasing great product from her Seagrass store!! It is refreshing to have a new store in Greensboro with wonderful updated styles to choose from!"

- Ashley

"Such a beautiful shop!! The totally
vibe and look is awesome. The
owner is so knowledgeable and
has so many resources to help
revamp and design spaces."

- Jessika 

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